Create an Online Experience for Your Clients.

Transactly is the first real estate platform of its kind – providing real estate pros and their clients with a transparent and collaborative way to sell homes online.


Email chains, text messages, and all the manual reminders during negotiations and transaction coordination are messy and archaic. We’ve fixed that.


your client’s experience.

From listings, to offers and negotiations, and then contract to close, Transactly provides you and your clients with a streamlined, online platform for buying and selling homes.

66% of new homebuyers are millennials, and this new generation of homeowners prefers to do things – most things – online.
With Transactly, you’ll attract this new generation of homeowners.

Real-Time Notifications

You and your client receive instant notifications when an offer is received, and  anytime there’s an important update or event during your transaction.


What would an all-in-one real estate platform be without built-in eSignatures.  Fully-integrated, and easy to use.

Centralized & Transparent

Allow yourself and your client to monitor all aspects of the transaction and see exactly what’s happened, what’s going, and what’s coming due at-a-glance.


Centralize your texts, emails and all conversations surrounding a transaction (and all your transactions) in one easy to reference location.

Transactly Builds Trust
Every Step Along The Way

  • 1. Listings ➜ Offers

    Give your client full transparency and instant notifications when offers are received.

  • 2. Offers ➜ Negotiations

    Collaborate within the platform during negotiations, and centralize all communication.

  • 3. Negotiations ➜ Contract

    Offers can be countered, accepted, and eSigned with the platform - between all parties.

  • 4. Contract ➜ Close

    Transactly facilitates auto-reminders for all tasks and events, for you and your client.

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