With all of the new technology available today, you are given countless options when it comes to buying or selling a home. While Zillow is a very popular outlet for buying and selling homes, every Zillow competitor has qualities that make them unique and worth your time to investigate. Every competitor can offer you a different experience, which one is best for you? Let’s begin with reviewing the service Zillow can offer you.

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Zillow is a leading marketplace for buying, selling, and renting homes. The Zillow database has over 110 million homes that are listed on it. Every type and style of home is represented on this site. Zillow also has a praised consumer friendly mobile app that makes house hunting on the go easy. Another service that Zillow provides is their Zestimates. A Zestimate is an estimated market value of a home. While this service can be helpful, there has been a few critics claiming it is a misleading number.


  • Widely used so your home will have a lot of exposure 
  • Consumer friendly app
  • Agent finder service 


  • Zestimate is claimed to be unrealistic  
  • Can have inaccurate or not updated information on a listing 
  • When inquiring about a property, your info could be shared with hundreds of agents 


As a Zillow competitor, Trulia offers a very similar service but with a more personal touch. Trulia offers over 34 neighborhood map outlays that allow you to see the community that your potential new home is in. There is easy access to various attributes of the neighborhood, such as school district and crime rates. Having this information readily available allows you to truly consider what living in a particular home would be like. Trulia also offers an “Advice” service where you can ask for advice from neighbors and local experts.


  • Qualities of neighborhood easily accessible
  • Advice service 
  • Local Info tab allows you to view qualities of many neighborhoods and compare


  • Does not have neighborhood maps for every neighborhood 
  • Best deal not guaranteed
  • Does not offer an agent pairing service  


Realtor.com is a Zillow competitor that is a little different than the rest. Yes, it a listing service like Zillow and Trulia, but there are many other elements to the site that go far beyond a listing service. Realtor.com is a one stop shop for all of your real estate news, trends, tips, advice, and much more. The blog element of the site along with the rent, buy, sell, and mortgage tabs are easy to navigate and very user friendly. This site has got you covered regardless if your a first time home buyer or a real estate expert. 


  • Offers service to help you find an agent
  • Easy access to news and market trends
  • Service to help you find a lender and get pre-approved 


  • Your information could be shared with multiple agents 
  • Agents pay to have exposure on site, not necessarily always the best agent  
  • Only have realtor listings, no access to for sale by owner listings 


Redfin provides agent and brokerage services to its users. They advertise as doing everything a traditional agent would do for you, but use modern technology to do it. This is intended to still get you the best results with buying or selling your home while saving you money in agent commission. Some of the services they offer include, physically printed flyers to advertise your home, 3D walkthroughs, and an easy to use booking service to view homes. Redfin charges around 4.5% for using their services while the industry average is closer to 5%, so using Redfin might be able to save you a little extra money. 


  • Growing in popularity and increasing coverage 
  • User friendly platform 
  • Opportunity to save on realtor commission 


  • Not available in every market
  • Does not always provide maximum savings for buyers and sellers 
  • Limited to their agents only

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Which Service Fits Your Needs?

Every Zillow competitor offers a slightly different experience in the process of buying or selling a home. Hopefully this run down allows you to gain the perspective needed to make a decision. When it comes to using a real estate technology to save money when buying and selling, you also have the option of using Transactly.  At no cost,  a buyer or seller can be paired with an agent to use our platform and receive top notch service. Regardless of how you decide to buy or sell a home, you have many options and it is worth looking into all of them. 

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