Expanding our human-centered PropTech platform into home connections market

Here at Transactly, we are excited to announce the launch of our new brand, Connect, a home connections service. The launch of Connect follows our acquisition of Rent Engine LLC (DBA Cake), a Dallas-based home connections service company, in September 2021. Now, in addition to streamlining the transaction process, we are offering a better way to set up home utilities and services in five minutes or less through Connect.

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Our entrance into the home connections market is a giant leap forward in creating a fully-connected home-buying experience, united with human expertise.
“While venture capital has poured into the real estate industry with the intentionof removing the human element and one of the most successful gig economies in the world, Transactly keeps real estate agents front and center,” said Bryan Bowles, Transactly’s founder and CEO.  “Homebuyers are people who want help from other people. The real challenge has been a lack infrastructure to support how people facilitate real transactions across the industry. That’s what we’re solving for, and it’s working.”
Transactly is an online platform designed to help real estate professionals efficiently manage transactions through automation, integrations, and tech-enabled services. Our products are currently used by thousands of real estate agents, teams, brokers, homebuyers and sellers across the United States.
We have been revolutionizing the process for real estate agents, resulting in consistent and steady growth since our launch in 2018. We began with two employees and have grown to 79 full-time employees and 138 transaction coordinators as independent contractors. That growth has accelerated in recent years, as we have tripled our revenue in 2021 over the previous year. In addition, we have raised a total of $13 million in investor funding.
“Purchasing a home is an immensely personal experience. Homebuyers have relationships with the agents, lenders, and title companies in their communities,” said Bowles.
“Transactly doesn’t replace any of those roles, but instead makes it easier for all those participants to work together for a better homebuying experience.”

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Now Connect, powered by Transactly, introduces a better way to set up home utilities and services. Connect empowers agents to be able to provide a one-stop home-buying experience for their clients.
Transactly has retained the six employees of Cake, the Dallas-based home connection services company it acquired in 2021.
“It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Transactly executive team,” said Tony Neely, operations manager for Connect and former operations manager for Cake. “Joining Transactly has given us the ability to grow our service exponentially. We could not have asked for a more dynamic leadership team to take our mission to the next level or a better support team to execute on it.”
Transactly is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, and was founded in 2017 by Bryan Bowles. Our mission is to be the platform of choice for the people and companies involved in real estate transactions. Our platform provides the largest team of tech-enabled transaction coordinators in North America.

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