Transactly’s real estate leads have increased significantly over the past several months.  As a result, Transactly is looking to establish relationships with partner agents across the country to deal with increased demand.

Leads for agents.  Transparency for everyone.

The company’s primary value proposition is a convenient, transparent platform where all parties can track the real estate transaction.

“Anyone who has bought or sold a home would never describe the process as transparent or convenient,” said founder and CEO Bryan Bowles. “Having spent most of my career leading a real estate brokerage, I saw every day how frustrating and fragmented the communication is between buyers, sellers, and agents. Improving the experience for buyers and sellers was our main motivation in founding Transactly.”

Several other real estate startups have solely focused their value proposition on generating real estate leads for agents who are willing to accept a flat fee, or who might be willing to pay the most for the lead. Transactly has taken a different approach. Our company has focused on meaningfully improving the home buying and selling experience.

It’s all about the client experience.

By focusing on client experience, Transactly has created a platform that truly changes the way homes are bought and sold.

The end result is an opportunity for agents across the country to partner with an innovative real estate technology startup generating more and more leads every day.

“We are proud of our company.  The approach we’ve taken to disrupting this industry is creating a better client experience,” said Bowles. “By improving one of life’s most stressful transactions, everybody wins.”

Want to sell your home fast?  Learn more about how our partner agents can help here.

And if you’re an agent looking to partner with Transactly, you can learn more here.

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