Looking for a transaction coordinator checklist?

Having a transaction coordinator checklist is critical to a successful closing. And each of the checklists need to be customized by transaction side, market, and the role you play.  You can create checklists in excel, with pen and paper, or by using Transactly’s real estate technology, which allows you to create customized checklists for free.

Transaction Coordinator Checklist for Listings

When you’re on the listing side, there is more administrative work done prior to going under contract. Your to-do list will include, but is not limited to:

  • Entering your listing in the MLS
  • Signing listing agreements and documents
  • Completing all disclosures
  • Everything else it takes to maintain the listing, prior to receiving an offer

Here’s an example: transaction coordinator checklist for selling.

Transaction Coordinator Checklist for Buyers

The homebuyer side has much more to coordinate once you go under contract. These additional items include, but are not limited to:

  • Scheduling all inspections
  • Ordering the appraisal
  • Ordering title and survey work
  • Miscellaneous items, like turning on utilities and scheduling movers

If a lender and a mortgage is involved, there’s also the documentation back and forth between the home buyer, agents, & title company.

Here’s an example: transaction coordinator checklist for buying. 

Customize It To Your Market

As the saying goes, “All real estate is local.” States like Colorado, require agents to use specific contracts and forms for every home sale in the state.  However, in California, different cities have different forms. These contracts and forms dictate the deadlines and milestones of every home sale transaction.  You’ll want to make sure the transaction coordinator checklist you use is customized for your market.

Customize It Based On Your Role

As we’ve touched on, real estate transaction management tasks vary based on the your role in a transaction. A few of the roles that are typically involved are the buyer, seller, buyers agent, listing agent, transaction coordinator, lender, and title agent.  The example checklists provided above are for the role of transaction coordinator, but they can be far more complex for lenders and title agents. However, they can be slightly less complicated if you’re a DIY, homebuyer, or home owner that’s attempting a for sale by owner.

Regardless of your role, you can create a custom checklist with Transactly.

Checklist or Coordinator?

Not a transaction coordinator? You’ll need to decide if you want a checklist or a transaction coordinator.  If it’s a checklist, we’d love you to give our application a try. With Transactly, you can create a custom template, regardless of your transaction side, your market, or your role.  That said, a checklist is only good if you adhere to it.  You can find a highly-experienced transaction coordinator with Transactly that will drive the checklist.  Transactly TCs ensure every loose end is tied up – making it a smooth and seamless closing.

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