The Best Real Estate Coaches in the Business


The best real estate coaches are known for their success and expertise in the industry. They share their methods and tactics with you in order to help your business grow like never before. Real estate coaching would benefit any agent, but especially one who is committed to the success of their business. If you value continued education and training in the real estate field, coaching is one of your best avenues to attain that. Begin your journey of growing your business, and furthering your real estate knowledge today by considering one of these top coaches to guide you.

Mike Ferry 

Mike Ferry has been one of the best real estate coaches in the industry for decades. He created the Mike Ferry Organization in order to give agents a comprehensive coaching experience. He mentors agents through the entire sales process. Coaching them through everything they need to run a successful business. Sessions are offered over a variety of subjects including price negotiation, time management, hiring an assistant, and interacting with clients. 

While the organization is a staple in the real estate industry, agents have still had some complaints about the program. First, the program can not begin until a lead has been secured. There is no coaching available on initial lead generation, only what to do after you have successfully found leads. Second, there is no cancellation policy available. Making you locked in to your contract for at least 1 year in most cases. 

The Mike Ferry Organization offers one on one coaching starting at $650/month. Other coaching packages are also available including one for brokerages, and an upgraded premier agent package. With a track record and reputation like Mike Ferry’s it is no surprise that his methods work for so many agents. Click here to find out more information about the coaching services that Mike Ferry offers. 

Keller Williams MAPS 

Keller Williams real estate coaching program is entitled Mega Achievement Productivity Systems, or MAPS. The program focuses on nurturing better agents as well as better people. There is a large variety of the types of programs offered, and the content within them. Every program has a focus on both the individual agent, as well their business skills. Making a statement that the mindset of the agent is just as important as their skill set. MAPS programs will include content such as the best practices for closing deals and making sales calls, in addition to content such as how to overcome your limiting beliefs. This component of Keller Williams MAPS coaching is unique, and grabs the attention of many agents.

As stated previously there are a wide variety of programs available under the MAPS organization. All of these programs differ in price, commitment level of the coaches, and content addressed. Click here check out these programs yourself, and determine which could be a fit for you.

Brian Buffini 

Brian Buffini is the CEO of Buffini and Company. He has focused his coaching business on teaching agents how to obtain quality referrals, and then use those referrals to sustain one’s business. Buffini preaches to stay connected to your network, and consistently nurture each contact until they give you a lead. His training completely revolves around getting more referrals. For he believes that building long term, and meaningful relationships with clients now, is the best way to generate business in the future. 

By investing in Buffini’s coaching you will learn how to get the most out of everyone already in your network, but your skills in other methods of lead generation most likely will not be improved. Buffini believes in teaching a tried and true method of lead generation. So if you are looking for a more comprehensive coaching experience, a different coach would be a better fit for you.

Buffini and Company offers one on one coaching for $499/month, and group coaching for $239/month. With a flexible contract that allows for cancellation after 6 months, and discounts on multiple conferences and seminars, Buffini’s coaching is at least worth checking out. Click here to visit their website and find out more.

Craig Proctor 

Craig Proctor coaching is centered around teaching agent’s to revamp their personal branding through marketing efforts. He believes to achieve maximum lead generation capacity leads must come to you, instead of you reaching out to them. In order to achieve this “reverse prospecting” a heavy focus on branding and advertising must be maintained. Proctor and his coaches will ensure you have a wide array of tools and tactics to increase your brand awareness, as well as create a powerful marketing campaign. This approach to coaching is best for anyone trying to generate leads, while increasing their brand equity. 

While you will learn extensively about many online channels available for lead generation, you will not learn any customer relation skills beyond that. Proctors coaching ends at acquiring a buyer or seller. As you know getting a lead may be the first step in closing a deal, but it is definitely not the last. Therefore, Proctor’s coaching is best for anyone who impresses clients once they get in the door, but may struggle getting them there at times.

Craig Proctor offers his program for $997/month. While that may seem steep, he offers a money back guarantee, and the ability to cancel your contract at any time. Click here to find out more about the coaching services offered by Craig Proctor.

The Agent Accelerator

The creators of The Agent Accelerator platform set out with a specific goal in mind. To create a new agents’ one-stop-shop to survive their first year in real estate. After talking with over 300 agents, brokers, and team owners, they learned that 51% of agents struggled the most in their first year with finding leads and getting clients. With this knowledge in mine they developed, and launched The Agent Accelerator. Concentrating on a mission to help real estate agents grow from surviving to thriving through training, coaching, and community.

Membership grants you lifetime access to their online video training university, which is available 24/7/365, with 65 lessons (and counting). As well as group coaching and access to a private Facebook mastermind group. Additionally, they recently launched a platform specifically for real estate teams and brokerages with added levels of customization and flexibility. Their training is focused on common struggles, finding leads, and turning those leads into clients. They also train agents on how to run their business well. To accomplish this they offer accountability tools, tracking tools, and of course top agent language patterns and scripts to communicate with their leads and clients.

Normally a lifetime membership to this platform would cost you $499. This platform is already significantly cheaper than the other coaches discussed, and with a Transactly discount you could save even more. If you use your Transactly discount you will gain access to The Agent Accelerator platform for only $299. Click here to learn more, and claim your discount.