The 5 Best Real Estate Cold Calling Tips


Let’s be honest, cold calling is probably not your favorite thing to do, and no one can blame you. Constantly being rejected quickly becomes exhausting, and discouraging. After a while you may start to think that it would be better to just give up on the method. Many experienced real estate agents consider cold calling an essential part of lead generation though, and for good reason. Cold calling has repeatedly proven to be a successful method of procuring business, even it takes 200 calls before someone bites. Using quality cold calling scripts, and real estate cold calling tips, helps you to stay on message. As well as achieve the goal of scheduling an in-person meeting, and effectively converting a lead into a client.

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Preparation is Key 

Cold calling is not something to approach with little care. To get the best results from this method of converting leads, you want to be as prepared and professional as you are in person, over the phone. Ensure you are taking the preparation measures listed below to be as successful with cold calling as possible.

  • Have a pen and paper ready to go.
  • Refresh yourself on the latest market trends in the area.
  • Know your availability, and have your calendar on hand. 
  • Have practiced your script with another person.
  • Radiate confidence by having good posture, and being conscious of your inflection and tone.

Be a Good Listener 

This may be one of the more surprising real estate cold calling tips, but it is an essential one. Yes, your script and your pitch are very important, but it is more important to actually listen to your potential client. That’s right, take a breath, and give them a chance to talk before you dive head first into your pitch. You will be significantly more successful with all of your cold calls if you put an a strong emphasis on listening.

Asking open ended questions that require the other person to truly engage in a conversation with you, is more likely to lead to an in-person meeting. For example instead of saying “Would you like to sell your house for $250,000?” ask “If you were to sell your home, where would you love to live?” These questions will lead to a more meaningful conversation in which you are able to assess their wants and needs. Once you are able to determine their wants and needs, you can easily address them. Thus showing your professionalism and competence as an agent. Practicing great listening skills on a cold call makes a lasting impression on everyone you talk to, even if they don’t immediately turn into a client they will be sure to remember you when they need an agent

Strategize Call Times 

What time of day is the best time to make your cold calls? Studies have shown that cold calls made from 10-2 have a higher success rate than calls made in the evening hours, especially after 5 p.m. Therefore it is best to pick an hour around lunch time to dedicate to cold calling everyday. Scheduling your cold calling in this fashion ensures you are always calling at the best time, and it sets the task into your routine. Once cold calling is set into your routine, you will soon begin to improve in the method through practice. It will then become clear that cold calling has the potential to bring an extensive base of clients to your business that is able to support it for years. 

Use Technology 

As with everything else, technology has the ability to make your cold calling operation significantly more successful. There are many different platforms and tools available to help you with cold calling, but some of the best include automatic dialing, and tracking tools. An automatic dialer platform takes a call list and automates it. So as soon as one call is disconnected, the next person is immediately dialed. This helps keep you in the zone when you’re making calls, and helps you get through your call list faster by eliminating downtime between each call. 

You can also use tools as simple as google sheets to complete necessary tasks, like tracking your cold calls. Tracking your cold calls is very important so you can see your progress with the method, and identify where improvements could be made. Overall the use of technology will allow you to improve upon your cold calling skills, and make the task as painless as possible.

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Work with Motivated Cold Callers 

Learning by observation is an extremely effective way to learn, or improve upon a skill. Reach out to the rock star cold callers in your brokerage, and simply be around them while they cold call. Listen to their tone of voice, script they use, and conversation tactics they utilize. Each of these is an important element to an effective cold call, and witnessing how an experienced cold caller approaches them will only help you to improve.

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