Home warranties provide you with the extra coverage to fill in the gaps your home insurance does not. The best home warranty companies insure you of this while also having clear contracts, helpful customer service, customization options, and much more. Every company has its strengths though. Browse through some of the best home warranty companies and determine which of their strengths is most appealing to you.

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Best For New Homebuyers – The Home Service Club

The Home Service Club offers two primary plans. The first is called is a “standard coverage plan” and provides coverage for eighteen of the most common systems and appliances. The next plan is called the “comprehensive coverage” plan. This plan covers the eighteen common appliances that the previous plan covers, as well as fifteen additional items. Along with these options, there is an option to individually add over twelve additional stand alone coverage packages for items such as roofs, pools, and much more. Having these choices brings in an element of flexibility that many homeowners love.

The Home Service Club also has one of the most extensive resource sections of any home warranty company. They have tons of answered FAQs, articles, and how-to guides to insure you get all the information you could ever want. The downside to consider is that these helpful amenities, flexible plans, and other advantages of using the company can come at a high cost.

  • Generous caps on major systems and appliances 
  • Tons of online resources 
  • Flexible plans 
  • Potentially high service fees depending on how your plan is organized

Best Personalized Plan – American Home Shield

American Home Shield is known for their customizable plans. They offer four different plan types, including a “build your own plan.” This plan is the only one of its kind on the market. The plan allows you to choose ten items, appliances or systems, that you want to guarantee coverage for. If you don’t have a dishwasher don’t waste its slot. Choose another item that you need coverage on. Thus allowing you to fully maximize the value of your home warranty plan. 

If you ever have questions about their plans, or how they work,  American Home Shield has amazing representatives that are ready to help you get your questions answered. They have been recognized for their transparency and excellent customer service, so you can always trust that you are in reliable hands. 

  • Helpful and transparent representatives 
  • Online bill pay and filing tools 
  • Customizable plans 
  • Not available in all areas 

Best Customer Satisfaction – Choice Home Warranty

When deciding to use any major company it is important research some customer reviews. The home warranty company that consistently had glowing customer reviews was Choice Home Warranty. Many satisfied customers took the time to write about their quick repair jobs and courteous technicians. While this can never guarantee you have the same pleasant experience, it is encouraging to know many people did when using this company. 

The company also is very transparent about their contracts. Finding a sample contract is quick and easy on their website. This allows you to easily access the information you need to know in order to make an informed decision about which home warranty company to use. Choice Home Warranty is also showing how confident they are in their services by making their contract so visible. They are being as upfront as possible about their fees, caps, and coverage, quickly gaining the trust of many homeowners

  • Free first month 
  • Clear and transparent contracts 
  • Great customer reviews 
  • Low plumbing cap

Best Liability Caps – TotalProtect

TotalProtect does not have liability caps for major appliances or systems. The few systems that do have caps, such as water source systems, are extremely generous for a home warranty company. Along with generous liability caps, the company also offers extremely thorough coverage. Their most extensive plan covers everything from most expensive break-prone systems to the doorbell. They of course have less extensive packages that are still very thorough, but a little more practical for most cases. A significant downside that is to be considered with TotalProtect though, is the fact that they have no customization options. This means you will likely end up paying for coverage you don’t need. 

  • Generous liability caps 
  • Thorough packages 
  • Long workmanship guarantee 
  • No customization options 

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Best For Western States – Landmark Home Warranty

Landmark Home Warranty currently only operates in Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Texas, Nevada, and Idaho. While these are the only states the company currently serves, they plan to expand nationally very soon. They are known for great coverage options and generous liability caps. They have two standard plans for customers, the first is the Home Systems Plan. This plan covers many of your basic appliances and systems that need coverage such as your air conditioning and plumbing system. The second plan is called the “Total Protection Plan. This is a more extensive plan that covers all the appliances and systems that the first plan covers, with the addition of items such as the dishwasher, refrigerator, and much more. 

Landmark Home Warranty has made Utah Business Magazine’s “Best Places to Work” list two years in a row, adding to their outstanding reputation in the Western states. Knowing that they treat their employees well, gives you confidence that they treat their customers well.

  • Great reputation 
  • Generous liability caps 
  • Only available in six states currently 

Picking the Best Company for You

When choosing a home warranty company it is important to evaluate the different strengths of companies and determine which would benefit you the most. Decide if having a personalized plan is more beneficial to you than generous liability caps. Once you have determined this, you can then easily pick which company would be the best fit for you. If you ever need advice, remember you can always contact your trusted real estate agent. They will be able to provide you with some guidance in this decision. 

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