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Sick and tired of upfront costs and monthly fee for sub-par real estate leads? At Transactly, so are we.

Cold calling, door knocking, contacting FSBOs, making videos, writing blogs – these all work to a degree. However, referrals are where consistent revenue is generated. According to NAR, 39% of closed deals in 2018 came from referrals. That’s just referrals from friends and family – not even including businesses that help agents.

Consider this – The Department US Housing and Market Development states, “the purchase of new homes are now at their slowest pace since March 2016”. 

That’s a 30-month low.

Pair this 30-month low, with the fact that, the Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers states 81% of buyers are either finding their home through the internet and/or their real estate agent, it’s no surprise real, legitimate, warmed, valid leads are a challenge.

As a result, quality buyer (and seller) leads are now becoming harder and harder to find. Ultimately, this leads to REALTORS® wasting time and wasting money chasing cold and lukewarm leads that don’t pan out.

Some real estate technology companies can charge agents up to $299 a month for leads for a basic package – no joke. Want their bonus package? Now you could be paying up to $589. These companies, that claim to have REALTORS® best interest at heart, get paid no matter what happens with the leads. The lead is routed and they step away. As we’ve all experienced, leads could be routed to multiple agents, or they could go cold. Then, guess what, you’re still paying their flat fee every month – even if you get nothing out of it.

Doesn’t feel fair, does it?

In times of economic uncertainty, such as this 30-month low, not only are agents feeling let down due to raw deals on overpriced cold leads, but clients are feeling it, too. According to Consumer Affairs, clients are unhappy with Redfin for two key reasons. First, the agent didn’t communicate how Redfin works to the client, and second the client didn’t know who to talk to, or trust, since buyers and sellers are bombarded with 3-4 different “preferred agents”.

At Transactly, we’ve fixed this.

During the initial warming call, Transactly Home Specialists take the time to educate and explain to clients how the process of buying or selling their home would work – if using a Transactly Trusted Partner Agent. In the very rare case that a lead isn’t exclusive, you’ll be notified upfront. Unless it’s your birthday party, people usually don’t like surprises.

Meanwhile, it’s no surprise that intentional actions yield better results, so why not use your time more wisely?

Why become a Transactly Partner Agent?

  • No upfront cost
  • No monthly fee
  • Exclusive buyer and seller leads
  • 30% referral – at closing
  • $3,000 minimum commission per transaction side

What sets us apart?

Aside from no upfront cost and no monthly fee, we’ve built a free platform to improve the client experience.

Our technology is the difference. For example: Our built-in showing scheduler helps manage all showings and feedback. You can give clients full transparency and instant access to offers – other agents can’t. Take advantage of the ability to collaborate during negotiations with centralized communication and customize tasks to help facilitate the transaction. Best of all? It’s free.

The Transactly Guarantee

Do you have more than 10 transactions under your belt? If so, Transactly wants to hear from you. Apply here – Transactly Trusted Partner Agents.

At Transactly, we will never route a cold lead. Our committed team of Transactly Home Specialists personally warm each lead to ensure validity, so you don’t waste your time chasing lukewarm leads. Worst case scenario?  

If a lead goes cold, you don’t pay a penny.

As a result, it’s in the best interest of Transactly to support you, and follow up with the client, every step of the way.

When you get paid, we get paid. That’s it.

Transactly’s 5 Lead Types

Transactly is nationwide referral network that partners with REALTORS® to offer five lead types:

3 Types of Seller Leads:

  1. Full service listings at 1.5% – when a home is over 200k
  2. Full service listings for a $3,000 Flat Fee – when a home is under 200k
  3. Traditional sellers seeking a local Top Realtor

2 Types of Buyer Leads:

  1. Up to 1% rebate to buyers at closing – if applicable in your state
  2. Traditional buyers seeking a local Top Realtor

If you offered a Buyer Agent Commission Rebate, what would that look like?

Let’s look at an example of a $300,000 home purchase (with a 1% Buyer Agent Commission Rebate applied).

  • Total Buyer Side Commission (if 3%) = $9,000
  • 1% of $300,000 to Buyer = $3,000
  • 2% of 3% remaining commission = $6,000
  • 30% of 2% to Transactly = $1,800
  • 70% of 2% to Buyer Agent = $4,200

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