Your workload is rapidly growing. This is obviously great news for your business, but can be very stressful and taxing on you. If this is your situation, it is time for a change. Hiring a professional real estate virtual assistant could be the change that you are desperately searching for. Hiring an assistant, while it may seem excessive or expensive, is a great way to get the extra help needed to skyrocket your business. Before making a decision, keep an open mind and seriously consider the pros and cons of all your options.

Why a Professional Real Estate VA Would Benefit You

As a real estate agent your long term main objective should be to grow your business. Growth is how business is sustained and how profits are maximized. To stay competitive and relevant in the real estate industry you will need to be continuously growing your business by implementing new marketing strategies, taking on more clients, learning new technology, and so much more. Focusing on the growth of your business becomes time consuming and overwhelming quickly. Especially when you have all of your minuscule, tedious everyday paperwork and tasks to get done before you can truly focus on growing your business. There is a way to achieve it all though.

Hiring a professional real estate virtual assistant is exactly what you need to do if you are struggling to complete daily tasks while trying to achieve long term goals. Hiring an assistant could change the way you do business for the better. Your business will be more organized, efficient, and productive with the help of a virtual assistant. Hiring a professional real estate VA will allow your business to grow faster and in ways you have only dreamed of. They take mundane everyday tasks off your plate, and give you the time needed to focus on accomplishing the goals you have for your business.

Types of Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistants 

Professional real estate VAs are experienced in the real estate industry. They know how the industry operates, how important deadlines are, and how to effectively interact with buyers and sellers. These experienced virtual assistants will make an amazing addition to your team and become a vital employee faster than you can imagine.

Transaction Coordinator 

A transaction coordinator focuses on all the paperwork involving your transactions. They make sure all requirements for transactions and deadlines are met. To make sure you and the transaction coordinator are on the same page, it is best to look into a transaction coordinator checklist. Transactly offers many examples and templates of checklists to help with the process. Transaction coordinators are extremely helpful in freeing up your time to focus on more pressing matters, such as providing clients with a great  experience. Once you hire and work with a transaction coordinator you will wonder how you ever conducted business without one. 

Outbound Sales Assistant 

Outbound sales assistants focus on growing your clientele. They generate as many leads on potential clients as possible for you. They utilize cold calling, contacting expired listings, and other methods of lead generation. Taking this necessary duty off of your hands allows you to dedicate as much time as possible to working with clients you already have. If you are as attentive and invested in their business as you can be, you will receive exceptional reviews and generate positive word of mouth. Therefore, creating an amazing reputation that will draw clients to you.

Inbound Sales Assistant 

An inbound sales assistant primary purpose is to nurture leads. They continue to contact and provide information to potential clients that have expressed interest in your services but are hesitant. They focus on warming cold leads until they are finally ready to sell or buy. Inbound sales assistants achieve this by using marketing material, email drips, and by providing excellent customer service to clients that may call with questions.


An assistant who performs a multitude of tasks with special experience in the real estate industry falls under this category. Tasks performed by them include warm and cold calling, client follow up, lead screening, and more. They help you cover a little bit of everything instead of taking over one set of tasks completely. General professional real estate VAs can help you get a grasp on what it would be like working with a virtual assistant, before allowing one to take over a part of your business. 

Where to Find Professional Real Estate VAs

There are many companies that offer professional real estate VA services, but we have a couple that we recommend. Look into all your options and you will find an assistant that is sure to be a perfect fit. 


Transactly offers a multitude of transaction coordinators based all over the county. They are all highly qualified and efficient, with tested experience in the real estate industry. When you use a Transactly transaction coordinator or Transactly’s technology, you are promised a positive experience.  Transaction coordinators are reasonably priced and the technology is free to use. Transactly’s technology provides a seamless and transparent experience that you and your clients will love. If you have any questions or concerns you will always have the option of talking with a real person during normal business hours. Transactly can help you achieve the growth in your business you have always planned for.


MyOutDesk is a respected and reputable platform in which to hire a professional virtual assistant. Many real estate agents use their services and have positive experiences. They offer both general professional assistants and transaction coordinators. If you hire one of their assistants they will work full time for your business. Compared to other similar platforms they are reasonably priced. It is important to note that professional real estate VAs will be more expensive than a standard general VA. The significant price difference is due to the expertise you are getting when you are hiring a professional real estate VA.

Are You Ready to Hire a Professional Real Estate VA?

Hiring a professional real estate virtual assistant may seem costly and extensive. Based on your situation though, it could be exactly the help you need to push your business to the next level. You can not achieve everything your business is capable of without some help. Your future self will thank you for having the vision and foreshadowing to hire a professional VA. What your business can accomplish with a little experienced help will shock you. It is now time to truly consider how your business can grow and if you have a professional VA helping you get there.

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