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Streamline real estate transactions

Transactly is not just another tool to manage transactions. We've created a whole new category.

Transactly enables you to do more transactions through a mix of automation, integrations, and tech-enabled services, like transaction coordination.

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Manage & Organize

Keep track of all your tasks, offers, documents and more!

Task management

  • Default task templates already sorted into deal stage categories

  • Create your own custom task templates or mix and match to suit your specific needs

  • Task due dates that auto-populate based on the contract dates. No more counting calendar days!

  • Make private notes that only show for you

  • Team Task Management 

    • All of your transactions will show on your dashboard in order of what's coming due over the next seven days

    • Manage your workflow with the ability to see who assigned and completed each task. Keep track of your progress by showing completed tasks with timestamps

    • Color code tasks to keep priorities in order

    • Choose to work your tasks from your Google calendar, allowing you to sync with your deals


Offer management 

  • When a new offer comes in, you and your seller (if invited into the app) will receive an instant notification

  • Transactly creates the presentation for you by organizing the offers into easy to view cards, so you, as the listing agent, are able to negotiate the deal right from the app

  • Request best and final offers

  • Accept, counter or decline offers

    • Relay info back to buyer/seller

Email templates

  • Create custom email templates and utilize merge fields to save time!
  • Merge field options include transaction details, team members, vendors, contract details and key dates
  • Send and reply right from the transaction inbox, or if you prefer to work out of your preferred email engine, you can forward  emails into the transaction to keep an organized record
  • The transaction summary is a Transactly default you can utilize that auto-populates contract info, key dates, buyer and seller party info
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Easily communicate with all parties involved in a transaction or listing!

Team collaboration

  • Invite co-agent, TC, buyer/seller

  • Invited member can also sync their tasks to their Google calendar, keep all communication within the deal by utilizing notes and instant notifications while leaving a note on a task
  • View contact cards for vendors, which you can save as preferred for quick reference

  • Categorized task list with every to-do. View who's responsible, and when it's due

  • Each task gets time stamped so teammates can toggle to see everything that's been completed

  • Notify your teammates by checking the box and they'll receive a text and or email

  • Your Transactly Coordinator  has access to your preferred vendors and credentials to better facilitate your orders



  • Create connections for all your client's home needs, before, during and after their move.
  • Only the best & current rates are presented to your client to ensure educated decisions are made based on individual needs.
  • Upon check-out, Connect handles the scheduling of installs and setups for your client - so they can enjoy a hassle free moving experience

Buyer/Seller Experience

  • Client has full transparency into the status of the transaction

  • Client can assign tasks

  • Client can access and view documents

  • Client can receive updates on upcoming transaction milestones

Streamline your workflow

Live person-to-person support

Receive access to a Dedicated Client Success Coach when you sign up for our New Agent plan!

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Transactly Coordinators

Our TCs handle 90% of all closing tasks!

Save 16 hours per transaction

  • Open escrow

  • Verify all title work is complete

  • Schedule and coordinating all inspections

  • Ensure all documents are submitted correctly and on time

  • Coordinate the closing process  

  • Keep the buyer and seller informed on the progress of the transaction

  • Review contracts and paperwork for accuracy and compliance

  • Introduce and coordinating with all parties

  • Communicate progress and keeping all parties on track

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