If you’re a Realtor thinking about hiring some help, you have several options. 

If you’re researching MyOutdesk Reviews, you’ll first want to decide whether you want a virtual assistant or a transaction coordinator.


Finding real estate virtual assistants at an affordable price can be a challenge, and MyOutDesk claims to provide the best solution.  In this article, we explain what MyOutDesk does, how it works, and how it compares to Transactly.

If you’re a real estate agent looking to scale your business, the first step is to hire a virtual assistant or a transaction coordinator to manage all your basic tasks.  Any of the top real estate coaches in the industry will tell you the same.  Just make sure you first review all your options.  This way, you can make an informed decision.

What is MyOutDesk?

MyOutDesk is one of the largest providers of virtual assistants for real estate professionals.  Their website claims they have been in business for over 10 years, and have served over 5000 clients.  Most of what they do is providing assistance with basic admin work, marketing tasks, inside sales, and transaction coordination.

Services are billed by the hour.  MyOutDesk does have a time-tracking application, so clients can see when virtual assistants are working.

MyOutDesk employs assistants based in the Philippines.  All are highly screened, and personality tests are performed to make sure it’s a good match.

MyOutDesk Benefits:

  • Affordable pricing (overseas rates)
  • Fixed weekly/monthly pricing
  • Transparent time tracking

Finding MyOutDesk Reviews

If you search for MyOutDesk reviews online, you’ll have a hard time finding reviews anywhere outside of Facebook.  They average a little over four out of five stars on Facebook.  However, most of the reviews are for their services as a virtual assistants, not for transaction coordinator services.

Overseas or USA?

You should strongly consider where your assistant, or coordinator, is located.  Do you want someone based in the Philippines, or in the USA?

Nearly all virtual assistants at MyOutDesk are based in the Philippines.  You do have to consider whether this is something you’re okay with.  Are you okay with the time zone difference, the potential language barriers, and the lack of licensing and familiarity with your local market?  Will your clients be okay with this?

How MyOutDesk Compares to Transactly

Both, MyOutDesk and Transactly, provide real estate professionals with virtual help.  However, there are some big differences.  Transactly does not provide general admin help.  Transactly specializes in tech-enabled transaction coordination.  Its services are provided by highly qualified, licensed professionals.

All Transactly Coordinators pass a thorough 20 point screening process.  All are based in the USA, with several years of real estate experience, and are often in the very same market as our clients.  Coordinators are located throughout the United States, serving agents, teams, and brokerages in all 50 states.

All transaction coordination services provided by Transactly are tracked using proprietary technology.  This technology tracks the progress of each transaction, and provides clients with complete transparency into what has been completed, what’s being worked on now, and what’s next.

Benefits of Using Transactly Over MyOutDesk

Here are some of the benefits of using Transactly:

  • Licensed, highly-screened, and third-party verified reviews
  • Transaction coordinators based in local markets throughout the USA
  • Powered by transparent technology that tracks every detail of each transaction
  • Specialized in tech-enabled transaction coordination


In your search for MyOutDesk reviews, you may not find many reviews outside of their Facebook page.  MyOutDesk is a well-established company, with thousands of agent clients, and  utilizes employees based in the Philippines to provide a variety of virtual services for real estate agents.

There are many options available to you.  And if you’re specifically looking for transaction coordination help, then you should consider trying Transactly.

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