Alright, you’ve secured a contract on your home sale!  That means you no longer have to keep your house clean for days.  No more crating the dog(s).  And no more drive around the block 200 times during showings.   If it’s anything like you imagined, you’ll be popping bottles of champagne in the kitchen of your new home in no time. What you don’t realize (yet) is that the time between contract and close can be key.  If you have a good real estate agent to guide you through, it will be pretty painless, but you can never be too prepared.  That’s why we’ve created a contract to close checklist for sellers. To make sure you can cross all your t’s, dot your i’s, and really impress your agent.

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Don’t Forget the Specifics

Specific deadlines for all the tasks will be kept in that thick pile of contract paper that you signed.  Be sure to note all the deadlines.  Complete what you need to do, as well as making sure the buyer held up their part of the bargain.  

Shortly before closing you will receive the settlement statement that outlines every detail of your home sale. Review every line in the statement for accuracy, and contact your agent and title agent if you spot any mistakes or have questions.

Maintain a Contract to Close Checklist

Whether you use our handy contract to close checklist for sellers, or you make up your own, it’s critical that you make a list.  Chances are, your checklist will be much more thorough than ours.  Don’t forget about turning off the utilities, cancelling lawn service, and all the other things you can think.  And don’t worry, you won’t be the first person that forgot something.  If you’re lucky,  your agent will also have a transaction coordinator with a checklist of their own as well!

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It’s Finally Here

Make sure you’ve stuffed all your belongings in the moving van before heading to the closing.  The new buyer isn’t going to want to pick through your old VHS collection or dispose of your trash. Once that’s done, collect your ID, your questions, and anything else your agent has noted, and drive on over to the title company.  It’s closing day! 

But before you consider it a done deal, double check that contract to close checklist!

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