Dealing with a Haunted Listing? You Have 4 Options

Dealing with a haunted House Listing?

Dealing with a Haunted Listing?


Do you suspect your listing is haunted? Are you worried about home buyers picking up on the spooky vibeIf so, consider these 4 options carefully before the open house or risk being the next Nightmare on Elm Street.

Call a Priest 


If you’re a member of a local church already, you’re one step closer. If not, simply google “priests near me,” to find one. Whatever your religious affiliation, you’ll want to cover your bases. An exorcism usually takes less than 4 hours, and typically is done free of charge!

Call a Psychic 


Preferably you will be able to get in contact with a psychic that specializes in contact with the great beyond. This step will go hand in hand with the next. The cost and time of this could vary from psychic to psychic, so plan accordingly and set expectations up front.

Make Friends with the Ghost 


You remember Casper the friendly ghost, right? Maybe you’re dealing with a similar spirit. This is a best case scenario, but attempt to form a relationship with the ghost. This way you can ensure success for both of you and make it a win-win relationship. It’s possible for ghosts to have a positive influence on a home if you’re upfront, honest, and one step ahead of the conversation!

Admit defeat 


If all else fails, it’s best to cut your losses and admit defeat. No listing is worth your life.

Don’t Let Your Listings Haunt You


Listings are not something to be afraid of. Sure, some might be haunted, but Transactly offers Listing Coordination services through the use of a Transactly Coordinator. Now that’s a treat and not a trick!

Let Transactly ease your fear and handle all of your listing needs this Halloween.

How do you warm up a haunted house after it’s been painted? Give it a second coat!


It’s the time of year for tricks & treats & everything in between

Happy Halloween from Transactly!

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