How to Become a Transaction Coordinator in California

Transaction coordinators play an important role in the real estate industry. They support agents by taking time-consuming, detail-specific, and deadline-oriented tasks related to contracts off of their plates. Making their services extremely sought after by new and experienced agents alike.

Transactly Acquires On Target Transactions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Transactly Acquires On Target Transactions St. Louis, Missouri- Transactly, the leading Real Estate Transaction Platform providing Tech-Enabled Transaction Coordinators across North America, officially commenced the acquisition of On Target Transactions, a premier real estate transaction coordinator service

How to Write an Amazing Transaction Coordinator Resume

Your resume is the first impression you give any potential employer. Understandably, you want it to be as perfect as possible. It can be difficult to stand out in a sea of transaction coordinator resumes though. The key is to

What is the Typical Transaction Coordination Fee?

Transaction coordinators have been gaining popularity in the real estate industry, and for good reason. The value a TC provides in managing mundane, time consuming tasks agents get bogged down with more than pays for itself. A TC allows agents

How to Build a Successful Partnership with Your Transaction Coordinator

When growing your real estate business, one of the first set of tasks that you’ll likely want to delegate is transaction coordination. This is an awesome strategy for leveraging your time and creating space to focus on making more sales.

Transactly Selected as Participant in the Highly-Coveted REACH Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Transactly Selected as Participant in the Highly-Coveted REACH Program St. Louis, Missouri- Transactly is honored to announce that it has been selected to be a part of the REach Class of 2020.  REach is a program backed

What Does a Contract to Close Coordinator Do?

You know better than anyone that real estate involves a ton of intricate paperwork. All that paperwork can become overwhelming and exhausting quickly. Not to mention that doing hours upon hours of paperwork was not the reason you became a

Top 5 Ways to Prepare For the Real Estate Busy Season

Real estate busy season always seem to creep up on you faster than expected. Believe it or not it is almost that time of year again. As a real estate agent, or any professional in the industry, the warmer months

The Pros and Cons of Using a Virtual Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

Utilizing virtual real estate transaction coordinators has become increasingly more popular in the real estate industry. Many agents find their services to be extremely helpful, and will often invest in the help of one during busy months. The decision to

MyOutDesk Reviews and How It Works

What would you do with an extra 16 hours? Spend more time on the things that matter most. Get an Extra 16 Hours If you’re a Realtor thinking about hiring some help, you have several options.  If you’re researching MyOutdesk

Should a Transaction Coordinator Negotiate Inspections?

A lot of agents looking to build a real estate team, often wonder if a transaction coordinator should negotiate inspections. The short answer: No.  Here’s why. What would you do with an extra 16 hours? Spend more time on the

Your Guide to Transaction Coordinator Jobs & Training

Whether you are already a transaction coordinator or you want to start a new career, there is definitely no shortage of agents that want to hire you.  After all, transaction coordinators are like fairy godmothers. They wave their wands and