How to Become a Transaction Coordinator in California

Transaction coordinators play an important role in the real estate industry. They support agents by taking time-consuming, detail-specific, and deadline-oriented tasks related to contracts off of their plates. Making their services extremely sought after by new and experienced agents alike.

Transactly Acquires TC Solutions, LLC — Further Expanding National Network of TCs

Transactly Acquires TC Solutions, LLC — Further Expanding National Network of TCs Transactly, a rapidly growing Real Estate Transaction Platform, has announced the acquisition of TC Solutions, LLC based in King County, Washington. With this acquisition, Transactly further expands their

Transactly Nominated for St. Louis INNO Fire Awards — One of 6 Finalist in the Software/Innovation Category

Transactly Nominated for St. Louis INNO Fire Awards — One of 6 Finalist in the Software/Innovation Category St. Louis Inno is officially recognizing the local companies and organizations that are blazing the trail for innovation within the entrepreneurial economy with

How Much Is Earnest Money in Texas? Complete Guide to Texas Earnest Money

Earnest money is one of many important aspects of a Texas real estate transaction. For first time buyers, it’s often a confusing element and a possible hurdle to buying a home. For real estate agents and transaction coordinators, it’s one

Termination of Real Estate Contract by Buyer – A Guide for Realtors & Buyers

As a buyer, realizing you want to back out of a contract can be frightening and overwhelming. You probably have many questions. Can you back out of buying a house after signing a contract? Do you get your earnest money

25+ Best Real Estate Software, Tools & Apps for Realtors

Table of Contents Managing a real estate office takes a lot of work. Without good systems in place, simply managing your current clients, appointments, and paperwork can hold you back from growing your business. As you surely already know, there

Assignment of Contract – Assignable Contract Basics for Real Estate Investors

Beginners to investing in real estate and wholesaling must navigate a complex landscape littered with confusing terms and strategies. One of the first concepts to understand before wholesaling is assignment of contract, also known as assignment of agreement or “flipping

For Sale By Owner Checklist: Guide to FSBO Paperwork

A real estate broker usually takes 5-6% of the sale price of a home for commissions. With the average home sales price in the U.S. hitting $375,000 in 2021, that’s up to $22,500 in commissions you pay just to sell

How Do Real Estate Teams Work?

Are you thinking about joining a real estate team or even building a real estate team to grow your business? You probably have a very important question: how does a real estate team work Real estate teams work by being

Complete Guide to Growing Your Business with a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

As your real estate business grows, you will find yourself spending more time on administrative tasks, follow-up calls, and staying on top of an ever-complicated schedule. Eventually, you will reach a plateau. You know you need to bring on some

Complete Guide to Building a Real Estate Team

Table of Contents Has your business finally reached the point where you are ready to assemble a real estate team and reach new levels of success? Building a real estate team is an exciting milestone to reach, but it doesn’t

Transactly Expands Home Connections with Acquisition of 360 Home Connect

Human-centered proptech platform improves home-buying & moving experience Transactly, Inc., a technology platform used by real estate professionals across the United States to streamline transactions, announces the acquisition of 360 Home Connect. This acquisition is part of Transactly’s efforts to