How Does Real Estate Privacy Law Protect You?

When we think about privacy law, our minds tend to direct us to things like healthcare HIPPA pamphlets and cybersecurity, with all those little checkboxes that we agree to but never read. Now consumers are starting to question real estate

How to Become a Real Estate Coach

Many successful real estate agents dream about becoming a real estate coach. However, few know how to actually take the steps to make it happen. With that in mind, we’ve created a guide on how to become a real estate

How to Attract International Real Estate Buyers

As a real estate agent, breaking into International markets can seem intimidating. For example, not only is there a language barrier, but the real estate process often works in different ways in different countries. However, working with International clients can

Cleaning Checklist for Open Houses During Covid

When showing a home it has always been an absolute must to make sure it is perfectly clean. Now in the time of an active pandemic though, it is even more important. A dirty, or cluttered home can cost your

Transactly Acquires On Target Transactions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Transactly Acquires On Target Transactions St. Louis, Missouri- Transactly, the leading Real Estate Transaction Platform providing Tech-Enabled Transaction Coordinators across North America, officially commenced the acquisition of On Target Transactions, a premier real estate transaction coordinator service

How To Find a Transaction Coordinator

As a real estate agent, you’re incredibly busy. Outsourcing your transaction coordination work not only makes your business more efficient, but it provides you more time to focus on growth, and saves you money. It’s a win-win situation, and agents

Agents: Do You Need an Assistant or
a Transaction Coordinator?

As your client base grows, so should your overall operation. It’s the nature of business, and trying to do everything alone could actually hurt you, and your business. Hiring a general assistant or outsourcing virtual transaction coordinator services are two

Guidance for Open Houses During COVID-19

We are living in an unprecedented time. To say it can be difficult to know what steps to take right now when it comes to holding open houses during COVID-19 is an understatement. It’s no secret, open houses can make

How to Know When it is Time to Hire Help

The truth of the matter is, eventually you will need to invest in help if you wish to sustain the growth and expansion of your real estate business. Your business will reach a point where you can no longer do

Agents: How to Rock Working from Home During Covid

Working full-time from home has become the norm for an unprecedented amount of people recently. People from every industry have had to adjust to this new working environment, and many have struggled. Working from home as a real estate agent

How to be the BEST Real Estate Agent

Excelling as a real estate agent is a lot of work. Absolutely no one is denying that. You essentially become a one man (or woman) business even when you are associated with a brokerage. You are often responsible for your

Agents: You’re Overworked! Fix It!

If you feel like an overworked agent, join the club! Oftentimes you end up dedicating more than 40 hours to work, then go home too stressed and exhausted to really relax and enjoy yourself. Continuing this cycle is not good