Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Your workload is rapidly growing. This is obviously great news for your business, but can be very stressful and taxing on you. If this is your situation, it is time for a change. Hiring a professional real estate virtual assistant

5 Signs You Need To Hire A Transaction Coordinator

When contemplating if you want to spend the extra money to hire a transaction coordinator, consider a few signs that you may desperately need one. Transaction coordinator services can make all the difference in your business. Allowing you to be

How Does FEMA Determine Payout?

FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management Agency, was created in order to provide people with disaster relief funds. These funds are not meant to replace everything that was lost, only to provide people with enough support to get them in

The Benefits of Working on a Real Estate Team

The freedom to work independently and on your own schedule may have been what drew you to a career in real estate. While this a very attractive element of being a real estate agent, you might want to consider giving

What Does Pre Foreclosure Mean on Zillow?

When searching on Zillow for your perfect home, you might notice some listings that are labeled as pre foreclosure. Then the obvious question comes to mind “what does pre foreclosure mean on Zillow?” The answer is pretty simple, but be 

Finding Rental Furniture for Staging

When selling a home, you want to catch people’s attention. You want to stand out so every potential buyer remembers your home. You want them to envision themselves living in your home for years to come. Creating these experiences for

What Taxes Should I Worry About When Flipping Houses?

Flipping houses is a great investment opportunity regardless if you are actively or passively participating in the investment. The taxes on flipping houses at the end of the process can easily take you by surprise though. Get an overview of

What is an NHD report in Real Estate?

Thinking of selling your home? Be sure to check if an NHD real estate report is required. While this may seem like just another task to add to your list, it provides important information to buyers and is legally required

Which is Better: Joint Tenancy or Tenants in Common?

Taking ownership of a house or property is a big commitment, but it is often not done alone. When two or more people become the owners of real estate there are two standard legal options: joint tenancy or tenants in

How Does TransUnion’s SmartMove Tenant Screening Work?

As an independent landlord it can become difficult to make educated leasing decisions. Large property management companies have access to an array of tools that allow them to screen their potential tenants. Therefore, making it easy for them to have

Redfin Estimates vs. Zillow Estimates

Advancements in technology have made home buyers and sellers more prepared than ever. Redfin and Zillow estimates are only two of those advancements. Both platforms offer great valuation tools, but it is easy to find yourself debating whether to use

Roofstock Competitors

Passive income is something that everyone dreams about. Investing in a rental property gives you the opportunity for that dream to come true. While investing in a rental property is not cheap and comes with various levels of risk, it