Transactly Selected as Participant in the Highly-Coveted REACH Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Transactly Selected as Participant in the Highly-Coveted REACH Program   St. Louis, Missouri- Transactly is honored to announce that it has been selected to be a part of the REach Class of 2020.  REach is a

5 Tips for Buying a Home in a Seller’s Market

Buying a home will always come with its challenges, but buying in a seller’s market brings a whole new level of difficulty. Competition and price for the most desirable homes runs high, and that can quickly lead to disappointment. Do

What Homebuyers and Sellers Think About COVID-19

We read a lot about what the so-called ‘experts’ think will happen to the real estate market as a result of COVID-19, but what do homebuyers and sellers think?  Transactly conducted a market survey among 400 homebuyers and 400 home

The Best Real Estate Coaches in the Business

The best real estate coaches are known for their success and expertise in the industry. They share their methods and tactics with you in order to help your business grow like never before. Real estate coaching would benefit any agent,

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate as a Real Estate Agent

Are you making the most out of your involvement in the real estate industry? As an agent you are in the perfect position to become a profitable investor in the industry. There are many reasons to invest in real estate

4 Productivity Tips for Real Estate Agents

Time is money. Therefore, the more productive you are able to be with your time, the more revenue you will bring in. It is important to realize that you don’t need to work twelve hour days everyday to be successful.

The 5 Best Real Estate Cold Calling Tips

Let’s be honest, cold calling is probably not your favorite thing to do, and no one can blame you. Constantly being rejected quickly becomes exhausting, and discouraging. After a while you may start to think that it would be better

What Does a Contract to Close Coordinator Do?

You know better than anyone that real estate involves a ton of intricate paperwork. All that paperwork can become overwhelming and exhausting quickly. Not to mention that doing hours upon hours of paperwork was not the reason you became a

Top 5 Ways to Prepare For the Real Estate Busy Season

Real estate busy season always seem to creep up on you faster than expected. Believe it or not it is almost that time of year again. As a real estate agent, or any professional in the industry, the warmer months

The Pros and Cons of Using a Virtual Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

Utilizing virtual real estate transaction coordinators has become increasingly more popular in the real estate industry. Many agents find their services to be extremely helpful, and will often invest in the help of one during busy months. The decision to

The Basics of Selling with HomeVestors

HomeVestors is a home flipping investor company that is also recognized by the name “We Buy Ugly Houses.” The company has franchises in 33 states, and has become a popular outlet for selling homes. This unconventional process is a great

What Percentage of Home Sales Do Realtors Get?

So what percentage of home sales do realtors get? It’s almost unavoidable, at some point or another you will probably be working with a real estate agent. They offer by far one of the most effective services to utilize when