Defusing Arguments With Clients: The Best Approach

Inevitably, you will have to handle an unhappy client. It is simply unavoidable in an agent’s line of work. How you approach the situation can make all the difference though. Defusing arguments with clients is never easy, but with preparation

Stigmatized Property Listings: Removing the Bad JuJu

When a property’s reputation precedes it, your job can become difficult quickly. It’s true that stigmatized property listings can be a hassle, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be profitable. Oftentimes they just need some work and TLC before they

OpCity Realty: What You Need to Know

Opcity realty is a relatively new lead referral service a part of The service has proven to provide leads that convert to clients 3-5 times more often than the industry average, which is pretty impressive. While that statistic may

5 Sales Management Strategies for Brokerages

Cultivating effective sales management for real estate brokerages is a little different than other businesses. In a brokerage, your salespeople are your agents, and they do a lot more than just sales. It is important to recognize that, and adjust

Tips to Reduce Your Chances of Getting Sued as an Agent

Lawsuits are a concern for many professionals, and real estate agents are no expectation. Lawsuits quickly become very costly, and even if you are found to have not committed any fault, they can still harm your business. So, taking some

5 Strategies to Grow Your Real Estate Business

If you have the goal of increasing your revenue every year, investing the time and energy to grow your real estate business is crucial. Growth is in your hands. There are several strategies you can implement to help you reach

What is the Typical Transaction Coordination Fee?

Transaction coordinators have been gaining popularity in the real estate industry, and for good reason. The value a TC provides in managing mundane, time consuming tasks agents get bogged down with more than pays for itself. A TC allows agents

Virtual Open Houses: Your Guide to Hosting

Real estate agents have successfully been throwing open houses for decades, but virtual open houses are a different ball game. The freedom of the internet allows you to be more flexible, and creative with your showing. Which can lead to

Common Home Staging Mistakes Even Realtors Make

Having your client’s home properly staged should be a top priority of yours, but many clients will not be able to afford an independent home stager. Therefore, being able to provide guidance on how to best execute a flawless staging

Improve Your Networking Skills: Follow These Tips and Watch Your Network Grow

Networking is essential in the real estate industry. Having an extensive, strong, and continuously expanding network is the key to lead generation, and obtaining referrals. Your network keeps you in business. So, constantly working to improve your networking skills comes

The 4 Tips To Property Investing You Need to Remember

Investing is a great way to grow the money you have and build your wealth. Sure, it has some risk, but if you do your homework and keep things under control, investing can be a great way to make some

Creating a Listing Presentation: 5 Tips to Help You Prepare

A listing appointment is your last hurdle to jump before you achieve your goal of procuring a new client. You have put in hours of work discovering, and warming up your lead. Now it’s finally time to sign them on