Preparing Your Home For Sale

The phrase “You only get one chance to make a first impression” is a cliché. It’s also true.  Especially, when preparing your home for sale. And nowhere is it truer than when it comes to selling your home. The impression

How to Improve Real Estate for Buyers

How do you improve the real estate market for buyers? It’s no secret that it’s been easy to sell upper-middle-class or upper-class homes over the past few years, especially in strong markets. As an extreme example, some REALTORS® have reported

Time to Pivot, and Deliver Even More Value to Partner Agents

This post was originally authored by CEO and Founder Bryan Bowles, and published in Silicon Prairie News. YouTube began as a dating app before pivoting to redefine entertainment and television as we know it. Instagram began as a location-based check-in

Want to Make Real Estate Better?

How often do most of us buy or sell a home? Once every thirty years? Once every fifteen years? Once every five years? For the average consumer, buying or selling a home is something we engage in just a few

Market Your Home Successfully

How do you market your home for sale successfully?  Be authentic.  Be transparent. Transactly was founded with one mission in mind: to make the process of buying and selling homes more transparent. Anyone who’s ever bought or sold real estate

Redefining the Client Experience

Gallup polls consistently show the experience most buyers and sellers of real estate have is not a good one. That should come as no surprise.  Real estate transactions currently lack efficiency and transparency. Despite evolving from hand-delivery to faxes and

Multiple Offer Situations

If you’re selling your home and the number of home buyers exceeds the number of homes on the market, it’s likely that a multiple offer situation will arise.  It’s a very common occurrence these days, and can be very advantageous

The Open House: Is It Worth It?

It’s time to sell your home, and you decide to hold an open house.  You de-clutter, make the house shine from top to bottom, put out signs and balloons, let friends and family know on Instagram, and provide delicious snacks. 

What is the MLS?

What is the MLS?  It stands for Multiple Listing Service.  And, there are way too many of them. So many home sellers we talk to, refer to THE MLS.   As if there were just one.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case. 

Time to Sell Your Rental Homes

After reading the Wall Street Journal article, The Financial Crisis Change Home Buying Forever, we came away with a different take on what can be determined from their charts: Take advantage and sell your rental homes. It is essentially a