How to Negotiate a Buyer Rebate with a Realtor

What do realtor rebates and the 70s rock band Twisted Sister have in common? The answer may surprise you. “You never learn anything by talking.”  This is a realization that Jay Jay French, the lead guitarist of the 70s rock band

What is an Earnest Money Deposit?

If you put in an offer on the home,  your agent will probably ask you how much earnest money you’d like to include.  More money? You’re already trying to figure out how down payments, closing costs,  and lender fees work.

Flat Fee Listing Services Explained

How Does a Flat Fee Listing Service Work? Flat fee listing services typically come in a two different flavors: Those with an upfront fee (flat fee MLS), and Those with a flat fee paid at closing (only when it sells).

We Buy Houses for Cash! Is this legitimate?

“We Buy Houses for Cash!” “We Buy Ugly Houses!” Chances are you’ve seen these signs and advertisements before. Sometimes they’re taped to a stop sign, traffic light, or in the form of a yard sign blowing backwards in the wind

Top 10 Real Estate Blogs for 2019

Top 10 Real Estate Blogs to Follow in 2019 There are so many real estate blogs out there, we thought it would be a good to consolidate the few worth following this year.  Here are the blogs we found to

How Does a Flat Fee MLS Service Work?

Flat Fee MLS Services Explained If you’re thinking about selling your home, you have many more options than the traditional way of paying 6% for a full service real estate agent.  One of those options is a using a flat

What does a Title Company do?

Regardless of if you’re a buyer, seller, loan, or escrow/title officer, it is imperative to understand how title companies work.  What is title, who is involved at a title company, why are title companies needed, what does a title company

How to Negotiate a Seller Credit for Closing Costs

So you’re buying a home, and regardless of the money you’ve saved up for a down payment, most buyers would like to negotiate a seller credit for closing costs.  But, the likelihood of this happening in most cases depends entirely

How Does a Buyer Agent Commission Rebate Work?

So, what is a buyer agent commission rebate? Simply put – cash back at closing.  But, there’s a bit more to it than that. According to the United States Department of Justice, “commission rebates are usually calculated as some fraction

How to Reduce Closing Costs When Buying a Home

Closing costs seem to be somewhat of a vague term no one really understands. Simply put, it’s just a bunch of line item expenses you have to pay when you buy or sell your home, right? But, do you really

How to Choose a Buyer’s Agent to Help You Buy a Home

The choices you make when buying a home will help you determine your financial future for years to come. How to choose a buyer’s agent can be tricky, but is is a critical choice in the process. Anyone who has

3 Things to Do Before Buying a Home

Purchasing a home is one of the most important financial decisions most people ever face. Simply put, buying the right home at the right price can build the foundation of your family’s wealth for generations to come.  So, here are