Why Should I Recast a Loan?

When looking to buy a home, finding the best mortgage loan is one of the first orders of business. If you are looking for a way to pay lower monthly payments on an existing loan, then I am sure recasting

Passively Invest in Real Estate: The Basics

Until the end of time, people will always need homes. Due to this, real estate is a booming business and a great investment opportunity. Passively investing in real estate takes only slight dedication and commitment on your part. It is

What are the Three Types of Bankruptcy?

Facing bankruptcy is always a difficult situation. Although understanding the ins and outs of each type of bankruptcy can prepare you to make the best informed decision that will help your financial future. There are three types of bankruptcies that

Offerpad Competitors

You want to sell your house fast with little hassle, trust me we understand. Below is a list of Offerpad competitors you might want to look into if considering a “iBuyer” or similar company. Before looking into Offerpad competitors though,

5 Reasons You Need HO6 Coverage for Your Condo

If you own a condo or are looking to purchase one,  you probably know that some of the big selling points are less maintenance and less cost than a detached home.  Since you’re only the owner of a single unit

Exclusive Right to Sell vs. Exclusive Agency Listing Agreements

Exclusive right to sell listing agreement or exclusive agency listing agreement? This is a question you could be fighting with after deciding to sell your home. Lucky for you, you may be able to answer that question in a few

1031 Exchange Rules Explained

Throwing around terms related to the tax code typically puts the average taxpayer to sleep, but if you invest in real estate,  the topic of 1031 exchanges might be one to wake up for. While it’s not exactly a discussion

Pocket Listings: The Pros & Cons

Great, you’ve decided to sell your home! Most sellers may be thinking that they obviously want maximum exposure, but a pocket listing may be more your fancy. What is a Pocket Listing? When it is time to sell your home,

Who Pays the Buyer’s Agent Commission?

You’re starting to think that paying rent is for chumps. You want to buy a home and have the money you pay each month.  Plus, you want to be invested into something that is yours instead of lining your landlords

Option Contract in Real Estate Defined

Real estate jargon can be complicated.  Even when you’re familiar with the industry,  there are a lot of terms around the process of buying and selling that can be confusing. Have you ever heard the term option contract in real

Impact of the Absorption Rate in Real Estate

Absorption rate can sound complicated,  but it’s a really simple calculation used across the real estate industry to determine the number of homes sold vs the number of homes available.  It is mostly commonly used to determine conditions like “a

How to Find a Virtual Assistant

Have you found yourself spending too much of your valuable time doing mundane tasks? Scheduling meetings, chasing down signatures, data entry, or managing social media accounts? A real estate virtual assistant could take all these tasks (and many more) off