When I decided on a career in real estate, my parents weren’t surprised at all. Back in my school days, kids my age were watching MTV Road Rules while I was watching The Real Estate Channel. It’s weird, but true, call my Mom. (MTV did finally jump on the boat and introduced MTV Cribs) We may have traded the listings channel for HGTV, but one fact remains, these channels exist for the millions of us who are fascinated by other peoples homes. Now, to get your real estate fix on the go, let’s explore the best real estate Instagram accounts to follow. 

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

When it comes to Instagram, unfortunately, the posts will not be narrated by Robin Leach nor will Good Charlotte come blasting from your speakers.  The good news is, we can still satisfy our need to get a glimpse into how the 1% live. Our favorite Instagrammer to quench our looky-loo obsession is Mega_Mansions. From homes built for royalty to SFH’s that more resemble a resort, this is the perfect real estate Instagram account for you daydreamers. 

Mature, Seasoned and One of a Kind

I know what you’re thinking, Sean Connery. But when we’re discussing real estate, Mr. Bond takes a back seat. (Okay, the seat next to me) Plenty of people have the obsession with great big, new construction, helicopter pad on the roof type homes. Those of us who have a heart for the oldies, are the same people who still check out library books. When you follow oldhouselove and cheapoldhouses, you can almost smell the aging original wood floors. And if you like old timey-quirks like laundry shoots and dumbwaiters, for a good time, just call upon weirdhomestour.

Flip It

Don’t follow it with ‘Bop-It, Twist-It” because this term is no game. If you’re in the Realtor world or have ever listened to your Uncle Paul talk about his retirement plan, you’re probably familiar with the phrase “Flipping Houses”. Everyone loves a before and after makeover, so the next real estate Instagram account to follow for your shabby to chic overhaul  is Fixandflip_kdesigns

Life of a Landlord 

Maybe flipping is too risky for your blood and you’re into investing for the long haul. Check out @landlordinstilettos, who’s making her followers happy by dishing out investor commandments, brain food and tenant tips. For help with breaking down wholesaling and REI planning, try encouragemillions

Knowledge Base

Brain bucket feeling a little rusty? Those continuing education classes aren’t enough to keep us up on the times. Professional development is key, so hop over to aceableagent and if you’re still in need of some get up and go juice, just turn your gears toward the motivation man himself, Tonyrobbins

Funny Farm

Sometimes the stress of the day can make you feel like you belong on the farm. Take a break and follow thebrokeagent (also recognized by Inman) and laughing_realtor. You’ll find a healthy dose of memes and stories to peruse during your 9th cup of coffee before noon. We’re not judging. 

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Oh The Humanity

Don’t forget to feed your soul with volunteer work. There are so many incredible organizations seeking the gift of time, one of our favorites being habitatforhumanity. You’ve made a living helping people in your community find a place to call home, Habitat gives you the opportunity to build the roof you’re putting over their heads.

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